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Update - posted on 2014-03-08

Added a new npc called Blue Beard and a quest for him that has Lion Mount as reward.
Changed the Terminator a bit added one more Hellhound and changed the Thunderhammer for Dragon Scale Boots in the treasure room.
Resized the spawns in Demon Dungeon and fixed some errors at Ethno Dragon Lair.

Blue Beard


Update - posted on 2014-02-20

I've uploaded a new map with many bugfixes and changes. There is a screenshot for the map of the custom areas now at the homepage. Going to add a new little quest at Anksun Amun's Island.
Though I'm not sure yet the rewards will be either warlord sword, thunderhammer or a great shield.

Here's a picture:


Update - posted on 2013-11-23

Added the Server to OtPolishAssholeList again. The number of players shown there is static now and will be always 10 players. That should stop the autobans.

Update - posted on 2013-10-18

Added some new raid/event with some custom witch bosses. Added pz to djinns. Fixed some errors. Changed the mana and hp regen for all vocations. Mana regen for knights +100% for paladins +50% and the hp regen for druids and sorcerers +100% and for paladins +50%. You can "pot" other players. Changed the loot of hunters,lichs and demon skeletons. Added the missing 10.10 maps and some 10.20 maps.

Update - posted on 2013-09-17

Updated to 10.10 and fixed several bugs: The energy ring bug, the stealth ring bug, the cooldown bug, the magic level offline training bug, the stairhop delay bug, the skull bug, the demon oak bug, the tasks bug and some more. Oldrak will sell you another tible if you need another one. Pimped Ethno and Gengia and finally starting to like it. Changed Thais Djinns.

Update - posted on 2013-08-30

Added 3 houses to the flying glacier. Changed some creatures like Ghazbaran or the Hand of Cursed Fate. Fixed the "Utori"-spells, thx to Evil Drail. Changed and fixed the map some more.

Update - posted on 2013-08-23

Changed the black castle, then entrance, the exit and added some bosstower. The bosses will appear in raids there. There is a hint for the new exit. Changed the current right hand of the king it summons sometimes a draken drops more rares but is more difficult to get. There are some extra rewards if you kill a black dragon during raid and only during raid.

Update - posted on 2013-08-15

Fleeing creatures won't attack with melee anymore.
Changed/fixed a few areas at the custom maps. Added npc rosemarie.
Changed all potions to real tibia values.
Changed all creatures inside elemental spheres quest